Boogie-Shoes, or How to Trespass Like Sammy Sosa

One of my undergraduate photography professors at the University of Delaware once told me: “Bad weather makes great pictures… now go shoot four rolls in the rain.” If I were shooting for a postcard company I would have to call BS on that, but as I have told myself many times over the last ten days, blue skies are boring. … Continue reading

Red Bull, Donkeys, and Smooth Jazzzz

Nothing can pick up your spirits more than the realization that you don’t actually live in Villanueva del Arzobispo and you can leave at any time. The only way leaving that town would have been more awesome is if I had helped save the last resident just before it exploded. In this scenario the citizens are begging me to stay and help them rebuild the destruction wrought by the infamous “El Guapo,” …but I can’t hear them over the roar of Dinkus’ throaty engine as I kiss my passport and step on the gas. … Continue reading