Boogie-Shoes, or How to Trespass Like Sammy Sosa

One of my undergraduate photography professors at the University of Delaware once told me: “Bad weather makes great pictures… now go shoot four rolls in the rain.” If I were shooting for a postcard company I would have to call BS on that, but as I have told myself many times over the last ten days, blue skies are boring. … Continue reading

That kangaroo stole my ball!

I’ve had more than one Rodney Dangerfield moment on this trip. One that sticks in my mind happened last Thursday when I was hiking around to the back side of the fortress of Montesa. You might think these castles would be built at the highest point within view, but it most cases they are built at the end of a spur that juts out from a larger chain of mountains into a valley below. So as I was climbing around looking for better vantage points to take pictures, I went off the trail quite a bit. As I rounded one corner, I scared up something really big in the brush that bounded almost straight up the side of this cliff. As I blindly shot pictures of whatever was moving I heard an ear-splitting screech at the top of the ridge. I’m not sure why, but as I turned to see the source of the screech I said aloud: “Did that donkey just whistle at me?” … Continue reading